Bumoon® wall decals are a smart way to decorate and brighten an environment for young children in an original, easy, fast way.

You can follow the sample pattern included with the product or create your own mural, adapting it to your personal tastes and to the surroundings.

Our decals are of the highest quality and come with a 7-year guarantee.
They are designed and made in Spain in strict compliance with all European Standards.
They are completely harmless, non-toxic and printed using the latest water-based inks, without any harmful chemical solvents.

Most Bumoon decals create large compositions which can cover entire walls, and are designed to “fill” your child’s personal space, creating a joyful,  familiar atmosphere that makes them feel right at home.

How do I apply the wall decals?

Applying the decals to a wall or any another surface is very simple. First, separate the silicone film from the semi-transparent film (the designs will remain attached to the semi-transparent film). Next, apply the semi-transparent film to the wall. Finally, peel away the semi-transparent film: the decals will remain adhered to the wall. Voilà!
If you have any doubts, watch the short video above.
In any case, your product will come with detailed, illustrated instructions to guide you step-by-step through the process of applying your decals.

Can I do it by myself?

You can certainly attach the decals by yourself, but we recommend doing it with another person as it makes the entire process easier, faster and much more fun. If the children and grandparents join in, applying the decals can become an entertaining game for the whole family!

What type of surfaces can I apply them to?

Walls are the obvious option, but you can apply the decals wherever you want. They adhere perfectly to any smooth, dust-free surface, such as glass, plastic, metal or wood.

I've just painted the walls...

If the paint is still fresh, we recommend that you wait 3-4 weeks before applying the decals to make sure that there is no residual moisture which might affect their adhesive properties.

Can I costumise the designs?

All of the components in each decal pack are independent and separate, so you can apply them as shown on the sample pattern that comes with the product or get creative and customise them to come up with your own personal mural design. Take a look at the video above!

Can I clean, reposition and remove them?

You can clean the decals with a dry or damp cloth.
When you are putting up the decals, if you make a mistake with one you can peel it off and reposition it. However, once a decal has been in place for 24 hours the adhesive will have dried, so after that point we don’t recommend trying to reapply it elsewhere.
When you feel like taking down the decoration, simply peel the decals off the wall—easy as pie!
If you applied the decals to another type of surface, such as glass, plastic or wood, the adhesive may be a bit more resistant. However, if you use a blow-dryer to heat and loosen the adhesive, the decals will peel off without a problem.

Are they safe for children?

Our wall decals are designed and made in Spain in strict compliance with all European Standards.
They are completely harmless, non-toxic and printed using the latest water-based inks, without any harmful chemical solvents.

Can I receive a free sample to test them?

Are your walls a bit rough, or would you just like to see and feel one of our decals for yourself before ordering?
Click here to request a free sample, and we’ll send it off directly to the address you provide!

How do you ship them?

Click here for information on the courier services we use and the shipping costs.

How will the product be packaged when I receive it?

The wall decals will arrive in a practical, protective, 50-cm-long tube. Inside you will find one or more 54 x 46 cm sheets, depending on which product you ordered. These sheets contain the decal designs, with blue silicone film on one side and semi-transparent film on the other for transferring them to the wall.

I have another question...

We're all ears! Write to us with any questions you may have, and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP!